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Hello I'm Matthias Colberg. Welcome to my site which provides details on how to build a tiki hut. Back at the university, I used to throw island themed parties and that's when I learned step by step how to build my own tiki bars. Anyway I created this website to make this process easy for you to do the same thing I did so now you can entertain friends and throw lots of fun parties. Please drop me a line if you have any specific questions that I wasn't able to answer. Enjoy!

Bring The Tropics To Your Backyard With a Tiki Bar Hut

A tiki bar hut creates a wonderful ambiance that provokes thoughts of tropical destinations and vacation hotspots. When people see a tiki bar hut, they somehow shift into instant party mode, the conversation flows and the great times begin. A tiki bar hut adds a tropical decor to any party or outdoor event. The tiki bar hut is commonly found at resorts, in the Caribbean islands, restaurants and occasionally, also in people’s backyards or lawns. The tiki bar hut is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. The tiki bar hut is a great addition to any poolside venue and provides a distinguishing, island type atmosphere that most people only get to enjoy when on vacation.

There are a few types of bamboo tiki bar huts. These include the portable tiki bar hut which is a smaller version of the tiki bar hut whereas there are others that are larger house-like structures which often include a bar, seating area, furniture and decking. The clearly identifiable element of both these types of tiki bar huts is the thatched roofing, a type of roofing that originated several hundred years ago and has been used by cultures all over the world. A tiki bar hut has the rustic appearance of the tropics.

A good quality bamboo tiki bar hut is expensive and may cost several thousand dollars due to its quality construction and workmanship. The bamboo tiki bar hut has thatched roofing made from palm fronds and other special materials. This particular roof is what provides a bamboo tiki bar hut its distinguishing appearance and feeling.

These days, it is possible to easily find the materials one requires to build their own tiki bar hut. It is obvious that you will need a good plan along with instructions to construct a tiki bar hut, because although these structures look plain and simple on the surface, there is a lot to know in order to build a tiki bar hut properly so it will last for a long period of time. It is also essential to make sure that it is safe for you as well as your guests that you will be entertaining.

There are a number of accessories that can be incorporated in a tiki bar hut. The tiki bar hut is a lot more unique and distinctive than the traditional bars, so one needs to make sure that the bar accessories they purchase will go well with the style of the tiki bar hut and add accessories such as tiki masks and tiki torches.

Outdoor Tiki Bars

Outdoor tiki bars are very popular among many people because of the tropical feeling and ambience that they provide, whether it is in your backyard or by the pool. Unfortunately, if you are looking to purchase brand new bamboo outdoor tiki bars, you will find that most of them are extremely expensive and will cost you thousands of dollars a piece, some bamboo tiki bars as expensive as $5000! Therefore, many people these days are choosing to purchase plans or blueprints of outdoor tiki bars with the intention to build their own outdoor tiki bars and thereby save a large amount of money.

There are a number of guides available that comprise of outdoor tiki bars plans which illustrate how to build your own bamboo tiki bar in a step-by-step manner. You need to ensure that you select a guide that is detailed and thorough, covering all the aspects of the construction process. This would include a list of all materials required as well as information regarding where you can find and purchase the bamboo, palm fronds and other materials. You should keep in mind that the materials required to construct the outdoor tiki bars will only cost a few hundred dollars, instead of thousands. It is also essential to understand that building outdoor tiki bars is relatively easy, requiring only tools that are common and easily available.

There are numerous advantages to building your own outdoor tiki bars instead of purchasing a brand new one from a store. They are fun pieces of outdoor structures that will definitely add a vacation feel to the area where you situate it. It is a great place to relax, enjoy a drink and entertain friends or family. When building your own outdoor tiki bars, you can customize it according to exactly how you envision it in terms of appearance, size and feel. Most importantly, you will be able to save hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars by building outdoor tiki bars on your own.

Outdoor tiki bars will fit nicely into any type of backyard or garden, particularly if you have a pool as this will add to the tropical ambiance. Make sure you choose a well written guide that will describe each step of the building process thoroughly in order to make sure that the resultant project is successful. Many people can build their own outdoor tiki bars for about $700, which is great when compared with the price of a brand new outdoor tiki bar purchased from a store which can cost you several thousand dollars.