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Hello I'm Matthias Colberg. Welcome to my site which provides details on how to build a tiki hut. Back at the university, I used to throw island themed parties and that's when I learned step by step how to build my own tiki bars. Anyway I created this website to make this process easy for you to do the same thing I did so now you can entertain friends and throw lots of fun parties. Please drop me a line if you have any specific questions that I wasn't able to answer. Enjoy!

Tiki Bar Stools

Tropical-themed parties are becoming more and more popular these days, which is the reason why many people have built their very own tiki bar or purchased tiki accessories such as tiki bar stools to set up in their backyard. If you intend to build a tiki bar somewhere in your home as well, whether as a place to entertain friends and family or simply to have an area where you can relax and rejuvenate, you must consider complementing your tiki bar with some tiki bar stools for an all natural, authentic tropical island charm and appeal.

The distinctive features of furniture like bamboo tiki bar stools make it an excellent addition to both indoor as well as outdoor socializing areas. Moreover, it has a natural style and resilience that makes sure that it will last for a long time and will always be in fashion. There are a number of different styles, sizes and shapes of bamboo tiki bar stools available in the market. There are some tiki bar stools that come with a backrest and some that come without and there are hexagonal, square, and round tiki bar stools also. In order to ensure that the tiki bar stools go with your tiki bar perfectly, you can even choose to build them on your own.

You need to remember to sand all the parts thoroughly before you start putting together the tiki bar stools. Place two 46-inch poles next to each other and then determine and mark out the location 30 inches from their widest end. These ends will be the bottom of the bar stools legs. Take a 17-inch board and nail each end to the two poles, just below the location you demarcated. Make sure you make use of two screws on each side in order to secure it firmly. Repeat the procedure with the help of two 30-inch poles. These poles will act as the front legs of the stool. Take a 15-inch board, attach one end to one of the 30-inch poles and the other end to one of the 46-inch poles right at the 30-inches mark. Complete the frame by attaching another 15-inch board to the other poles.

Nail seven 2 by 17 inch slats alongside the seat of the tiki bar stools into the top of the 15-inch boards. Bamboo tiki bar stools are more comfortable with a backrest, so you may attach an additional seven 2 by 17 inch slats to the poles that form the back legs of the tiki bar stools. Most bar stools are also equipped with footrests and you can add these to your tiki bar stools by screwing two 17-inch boards to the front as well as back legs and two 15-inch boards on each side approximately 12 inches from the bottom.

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